RamNode vs DigitalOcean comparison

I’ve been using RamNode for a while now and had some spare DigitalOcean credit so I decided to do a comparison between the two.

For this comparison I’ve used the “RamNode [Premium] OpenVZ SSD 512MB NYC” VPS and the “DigitalOcean 1GB NYC1” VPS which are both $5 per month.


IOPing results

Winner: RamNode by a big margin!

Raw data: RamNode DigitalOcean


The RamNode VPS comes with two vCPUs so has an advantage. The downside is using them 100% all the time is not allowed by their terms of service. Personally I’d like them to just limit it to what you are allowed, I believe this is what DigitalOcean does but not 100% sure.

DigitalOcean scored 1001.2 and RamNode scored 1394.2 on 1 CPU and 2375.0 overall.

Winner: RamNode but not by a big margin as you csan’t use 100% of their resources all the time

Raw data: RamNode DigitalOcean


BZip time in seconds, lower is better:

IOPing results

Download speed in MB, higher is better:

IOPing results

IO speed in MB, higher is better:

IOPing results

Winner: RamNode

Raw data: RamNode DigitalOcean


Pinging out to google.com gave the same average ping on both (±0.1ms) although that probably says more about Google than their networks.

KeyCDN ping results in milliseconds (lower is better):

IOPing results

Ping.pe results in milliseconds (lower is better):

IOPing results

Winner: DigitalOcean but only just, down to RamNode’s high pings in China

KeyCDN raw data: RamNode DigitalOcean.
Ping.pe raw data: RamNode DigitalOcean


DigitalOcean offers double the RAM, RamNode offers double the disk space and better disk and CPU performance.

Personally, I prefer DigitalOcean’s UI and ease of managing droplets. DigitalOcean also has extra features like floating IP’s, droplet resizing, backups and block storage. RamNode, on the other hand, has better performance and offers DDoS protected IP’s. The downside is their terms of service specify you can’t use too much CPU which, as far as I’m aware, is not the case with DigitalOcean.

I’ve been using RamNode for ~3 years now and the only issue I’ve had was very early on when some of their IP’s were being DDoS’ed and mine ended up being one of them. It wasn’t really their fault and they were quite quick to change the IP so overall not a massive issue.

Personally, I don’t think you can go really wrong with either of them. For small websites where you just need a single sever without any extra features RamNode seems like the better choice. For large websites that need the extra features then has to be DigitalOcean.

If you want to try out DigitalOcean, my referral link will give you $100 credit for 60 days and when you spend $25 with them and I’ll get $25 too (thanks!).